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My name is Oliver Campbell and I am a 21 year old aspiring photographer.  I attend San Jose State University and am in the Bachelors of Fine Arts program for photography.  I hope to one day own my own studio for doing weddings and portraits.  My dream job would be to be hired by National Geographic as a nature photographer.


My work ranges a lot in style.  There’s nothing I don’t like taking pictures of.  I love macro, landscape, nature, portraits, etc.  My work also ranges widely in subject matter.  I’ve done hundreds of projects that are just simple and beautiful nature shots or architecture.  I’ve also done projects that are heavier in subject matter including statements on women’s rights and transphobia.  I’m a strong feminist so it’s important to me that my work reflects those views. Also I'm transgender. I identify as nonbinary but I prefer they/them and he/him pronouns so I like to deal a lot with issues that affect the transgender community.  I like to give a voice to movements that involve minority groups that have a hard time getting their voice heard. 


I want to evoke a response in people be it good or bad.  Art is reactive and I plan to see how far I can go with that.

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